Let’s have a look at an example: this question could have the VuPoint in climate Wars Glynda wire argues that the 21st century will be dominated by struggles for resources in asia the statement provides context for the research and may well be based on your lectures or recommended reading we can also identify the command words critically discussed which require you to be critical in discussing the issues meaning you may have to research the question from different sides and evaluate evidence for and against if the disks.

If the question had a different command word perhaps critically evaluate then you would have to produce a different essay in this case one that came to a more final conclusion next we can identify the major topic of the assignment the impact of climate change this will be the issue you will research the most however by identifying the specific focus how climate change will impact on political and economic relations between India and Pakistan you can also make sure your research is well targeted and efficient here Indian Pakistan also acts as a limit that we no need to research the impact of climate change or the on the United States or Great Britain by working out which elements the question.

You have to address you can construct a bio map of the areas you’ll need some research whether it’s reading climate wards to establish the context for the essay or research in the key debates and climate change in Asia particularly in the year in Pakistan and working out the key political economic relations between India and Pakistan as well as stone to think about how these issues are likely to be influenced by climactic changes within the region in summary to putting analyzing your assignment question it’s a first step than successfully completing your essays make sure you break down the assignment question into its parts properly focusing your research and responding to the assignment criteria by doing this you’ll be able to research more efficiently and achieve better grades this has been a production of asked academic skills.