Analysing Essay Questions Part 1

Welcome to the academic writing series presented by ask academic skills at Brunel University my name is Chris Macmillan and this episode. We’ll be looking at analyzing essay questions. Now one of the most common reasons for students not receiving the grades they desire it’s because they don’t answer the question that big marker has […]

Improving Your Writing Style

Style As T. Miller’s poem suggests, spoken word often, though certainly not always, utilizes complex and interesting rhymes. In this respect, it bears much in common with hip hop—so much so that very often audiences, drawing upon stereotypes of hip hop, often perceive spoken word to be narrower than it actually is. In other words, […]

A Verbal Aesthetic: Notes on Spoken Word Poetry

I’ve written and performed dozens of spoken word poems, yet I can’t tell you in easy steps how to write any kind of poem, much less how to write a spoken word poem. Poetry, generally speaking, defies those kinds of recipes and instructions. Plus, there are no hard-and-fast rules for spoken word poetry. Like poetry […]