We are going to teach you how to write a research paper. If this helps make sure to leave a comment and a like down below enjoy step 1 choose your topic choice it’s the best part of being a real human just like choosing where you eat sushi will decide the rest of your day choosing your topic will decide the fate of the rest of your research paper choose wisely you.

To getting sources you need someone reliable for your sources some unreliable sources may not have the correct information on a topic or allow anyone to edit them how much could be you step three note-taking just like writing down all the girls phone numbers you get at a party you’ll need to write down important information from your sources the more information the better but be careful as to only highlight relevant information a few moments later ah step for writing and outline just like planning your vacation to Fiji.

You need to carefully map out how your research paper is going to be laid before you make sure to make it nice and neat what may be hard to understand ah yeah just you know why.

Step five thesis statement. A thesis statement briefly covers everything you’re going over in your research paper it glues together all the elements of your paper into one sentence you step six direct quote just like quoting your favorite spaghetti western starring Clint Eastwood you need to put in quotes from your sources to make your paper sound awesome and legitimate however you can’t have a quote that takes up more than two lines of space step 7 in-text citations in-text citations are a very serious deal after every direct quote you must give credit to the author.

If you do not do this you are plagiarizing which is illegal step 8 draft writing the time has finally come to fight the final fight you’re taking everything you’ve gathered and putting it into five paragraphs there are three parts the introduction the body and the conclusion the introduction the introduction consists of one paragraph that includes your thesis statement.

The main point of the introduction is to grasp the reader’s attention he wants the body consists of three paragraphs that contain your direct quotes and citations you’re taking all of your research and applying it into your paper the conclusion the conclusion sums up everything that your body stated and restate the thesis statement you should leave the reader with something to think about when you finish writing your conclusion you should then proceed to formatting and checking everything you’ve written right now this is it gonna get the narrator ready yes work cited your work cited page appears after the last page of your research paper it states where you found your sources in corresponding order at this point you are finished with your research paper and without further ado I take my leave – a glance to the devil’s own but I ask are you gonna send it to the pictures always get shot girl stays alone huh sad side to my beats say thank you gonna spank your name always get chuckles stays in my pants my father’s going crazy dancing in the moonlight.