Although growing up in a big city has its own advantages like round the clock medical services, better schools, better amenities and great working opportunities, i believe it cannot provide the safety, security and peace of a countryside. In my opinion, it is better for children to grow up in the countryside rather than in a big city. The reasons for my standpoint are as follows.

First of all, countryside places have a small population so it is a very rare occasion for crimes like mugging, drug peddling to take place, without notice. This makes it a safer and more secure place for children to grow up. I, myself, was born and brought up in a small town in central India. I recall never hearing any incident of murder, chain snatching or kidnapping unlike one hears every day in big cities. Although, there were some occasional incident of burglary, the police nabbed the culprits within hours. It was a pretty calm, nice and safe neighborhood. I remember my parents allowing me to go for night strolls after dinner, alone, when i was 15.

Since the population is small, it is evident that the teacher to student ratio is less. Hence, each child in the classroom gets undivided attention of the teachers. This proves to be immensely beneficial for the mental and intellectual growth and development. Each student gets equal opportunity to participate in every activity. For example, before my class 10th Board exams, my literature teacher called in for extra classes for me and 3 of my classmates to coach us before the exam when we asked him “help me with my thesis”. I owe my success, especially in that subject, to my teacher’s hard work. It wouldn’t have been possible for him had there been too many students. In cities, children need to shell out extra money for coaching classes. Fortunately my parents were saved from such expenditure.

Finally, children need sufficient space for playing. Cities are over-crowded and there is too less space for playing and other out-door activities. Sometimes children play on the streets and this is highly unsafe. Number of vehicles have increased over the years in each of the major cities of the world. We often read about accidents involving motorists and children playing on the streets. Only last year, according to published reports by New Delhi Municipal Corporation, 59 percent of the accidents that took place involved children, either at play or en-route home from schools. This clearly highlights the hazards of growing up in a big city.

To conclude, based on the arguments explored above, i believe it is highly safe and undoubtedly better for children to grow up in countryside rather in big cities.